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Styling consultation

Looking for new spectacles? Not sure what suits you? Want to try something new? Book one of our styling consultations to benefit from our expert styling advice. We offer a unique service helping you to find the perfect glasses for you, based on your style, colouring, face shape and personality. After you book your appointment, we will send you a questionnaire about your visual and style needs, to enable you to get the most out of your time with us.

Spectacle repair and adjustments

Just like us, sometimes your spectacles need a little bit of TLC. Whether they’re starting to look a bit unbalanced, or they’re held together with sticky tape, we will endeavour to give them a new lease of life so that they’re ready to face the world with you.

Sight tests

We all need one at least once every two years, to make sure our health remains in tip top condition. We offer full sight testing, including OCT scanning for those aged 25 and above as standard.

Myopia Control/Ortho-K consultation

Interested in lenses that stabilise your prescription? Wishing you could be free from spectacles and contact lenses during the day? Book a consultation with us to discuss what myopia control/Ortho-K lenses can offer you.

Visual stress tests

Visual stress causes people to have trouble reading printed text. Our advanced equipment allows us to use precision tints to counteract visual stress and relieve some of its symptoms. Our appointments include a sight test and assessment of visual tracking.

Contact lens fitting

Want to see if your eyes are suited to wearing contact lenses? Book an appointment with us to see what we can offer you.